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Eat Pray Love in Las Vegas

7 Oct

Just a very quick update from Las Vegas:


My copy of Eat Pray Love has just been placed in clear view near the elevators of my hotel (which is, unfortunately, not the Venetian). The book is decked out in BookCrossing stickers as well as an additional note poking out the top, saying “Please Take Me!”

Fingers crossed, the person who picks it up will take the time to locate the book on the BookCrossing website.


Now, I’m off to the pool. 🙂


Cockroach is running free

2 Oct

I mentioned a few days ago that I would be releasing Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love as my first BookCrossing release when I’m in Las Vegas next week.

But this morning I went on a last-minute trip into Winnipeg, so I decided to set Rawi Hage’s Cockroach free into the urban wilderness while I was there. I left it on a bedside table in the furniture store ‘Bombay’. Hopefully some lucky browser finds the book and gives it a lovely new home!

Elizabeth Gilbert gets ready to travel

28 Sep

Going to Las Vegas is exciting. I’m heading off at the start of next week, and accompanying me will be Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love. This book will be my first “BookCrossing” release, a wild release at that, meaning that it will be left anonymously in a random location to (hopefully) make another book-lover’s day. Note that the book has been decked out in “Official BookCrossing Book” stickers! It’s funny, I think giving does feel better than receiving, even when I’m not sure who the recipient will be.