if I could bottle it…

17 Aug

I wish I had the exact recipe that made me feel the way I do today. I’ve always been fascinated with what it is that makes a person feel on top of the world, and why some days I feel that way, but most of the time I don’t. This interest has propelled me along a certain track: an interest in psychology at high school led to studies at university level;  the promise of the secret of happiness prompted the purchase and reading of books by all the big-name authors in self-help and spirituality (and created an obsession with Oprah); then more recently, I spent a year participating in deep study of the yogic tradition with a bonafide Swami. These interests can all be attributed to a desire to know what it is that levers people up to their highest peak.

I woke today with more energy than normal; drank coffee, happily went for a morning jog, worked for 8.5 hours with a smile on my face then trotted off to the supermarket to buy ingredients for the great dinner I was to cook. Still full of energy after eating, I optimistically pondered what to do next…read? Watch more Mad Men? Blog? Jog again? All of it?

The past few weeks I’ve felt so lethargic, so what’s the difference today? Granted, yesterday I had the most relaxing day one could ask for, just lying on the couch reading blogs, a novel and eating healthy, previously-prepared food. So am I just more rested today? I also meditated last night, but my 30 minute goal was only about 15 minutes in reality, and some of that was spent more in sleep that meditation. But could that be the magic ingredient?  Did I drink just the right amount of fluids? Was an angel smiling down on me? Is it just all LUCK?

Honestly, if I knew the recipe for success, I would follow it every day. I feel on top of the world.


One Response to “if I could bottle it…”

  1. steph August 24, 2010 at 12:46 pm #

    This post made me take a deep breath and smile, for several reasons, not least because I sensed your contentment.

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